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Untitled #2

most of these ideas came to me my freshman year of highschool and i had written an outline for this story. over the years i wrote several paragraphs here and there but it wasnt until the other day that i reall started in on it. so heres the next bit.


Chapter 2
                Flynn Thorpe was bored out of his mind. He headed back to the kitchen to grab another beer. College parties were supposed to be fun but he personally felt they sucked. Not to mention that everyone was watching his every step. And every girl was the same. They would bat their fake eyelashes and flip their hair at him in attempted to impress him. None actually made an effort to get to know him.  All they saw was the fact that he was a prince. His body guard Hank would keep most of them away but there was always a select few, usually the crazy ones, who got past Hank. The party was well under way when his friend Jacob came up to him. “hey man I want you to meet my girlfriend.” Flynn rolled his eyes. “you sure that’s a good idea?” the last girl Jake had only stayed with him in attempt to get close to Flynn. That made Flynn feel like crap. Jake chuckeld,”yeah I'm positive. She already knows about you and never even asked about you once so I'm pretty sure she doesn’t give a shit about you. “ Jake punched his arm and Flynn laughed, “Alright but I just warning you that if this one starts to stalk me I'm gonna kick you ass and put you in therapy for not having better instincts when it comes to women.” Jake rolled his eyes and Flynn followed him out of the room.
                They made their way into the basement of their frat house. It was less crowded down here and only several people were talking loudly. In the back corner stood two girls. Jake walked up and put his arms around the short blonde girls waist. “Carrie, I want you to meet Flynn.” Carrie turned around and shook her had. “its nice to meet you. Jake doesn’t stop talking about you.” Jake shot him a dirty look and Carrie looked up at him and kissed his cheek. “he definitely a sweetheart.” Carrie smiled and Flynn surpressed a laugh. Jake kissed Carrie and Flynn looked away realizing the Kiss probably wasn't going to end anytime soon. It was then that Flynn noticed the girl standing next to Carrie. She looked nervous but Flynn was used to that. People tended to be nervous around him. The next thing that her noticed was that she was breathtakingly beautifull. She had legs that seemed to go on for miles, and a short black dress hugged her slim figure tightly. She had long brown hair that fell in waves around her face. But her most striking feature was her bright green eyes. Flynn  wondered what they would look like in the sunlight if they were that bright in a dim room. She finally made eye contact with him and smiled. Flynn felt his heart rate pick up. “Hey,” she said. “Hi, I'm Flynn.” He said. He stuffed his hands in his pockets fearing that if he shook her had he wouldn’t let go. “I'm Annabel.” Annabel he like that. He looked at her again and swore there was something familiar about her but he couldn’t place it. “have we met before?” he blurted. Her smile faltered slightly,”I don’t think so. I haven’t lived in Calum since I was a baby.” That didn’t mean much he had been all over the world. “Well maybe we met somewhere else. Where did you grow up?” he inquired. She paused for a minute. “umm everywhere actually. New Zealand for a year and the brazil, followed by spain, and south Africa, then I lived in the U.S. for several years in Chicago and new york.” Flynn blinked. He was stunned for a second.”hmm you must just look like someone I knew.”
                He had no idea Annabel thought. For the next hour or so Annabel fell into easy conversation with Flynn. He was funny and kind. She felt awkward telling a stranger about her past. She didn’t know why she did it she just go the distinct feeling that she could trust him. And he listened to her intently as if he actually cared about each word she said. Annabel found herself staring at him frequently. He was the most attractive boy she had ever met. Which wasn't saying a lot since she hadn’t met many. Annabel briefly imagined what it would be like if she was his girlfriend but quickly wiped the thought from her mind. She probably wouldn’t even see him again so it didn’t matter.  Annabel was telling Flynn about how she found it comforting living back in Calum.  “Why did you move so much.” He asked. “My dad’s job,” she replied vaguely. Flynn nodded and continued to stare at her. Several seconds passed before Annabel got uo the nerve to speak again,”Umm so what grade are you in?” she asked Flynn paused for a second, “I'm a junior. Youre a freshman?” she laughed, “Actually I'm a junior too. I was homeschooled and skipped the ninth grade so I should be a sophomore like Carrie but I enrolled as a junior this year.” Flynn smiled and so did Annabel. “whats your major?” she asked. Flynn seemed to pause. “history and politics.” He finally answered. “me too. Well the history part” Annabel replied, “What made you choose that?” Flynn stared at her again and gave her a quizzical look. Before he could respond Carrie finally pulled away from Jacob. “oh my god I'm so rude I didn’t introduce you too.not that Flynn needs much of an introduction.” She winked at him and Flynn laughed. Annabel just stood there confused. She felt as if she was missing something. Carrie turned to Jacob,” Jake this is Annabel.” Annabel shook his hand and mustered a smile.  Carrie noticed Annabel’s obvious slience after several seconds. “so what were you two chatting about?” she asked. “Majors” Annabel answered. Carrie laughed and Jacob smiled and said, “that’s funny .” Now Annabel was even more thrown. Flynn  finally picked up on her confusion. “Annabel, how much do you know about me?” weird Annabel thought. How could I know much about him, they just met. “well seeing I just met you, not much.” Carrie chocked on the sip of beer she just took and Jacob pounded her on the back. “wait you don’t know who he his?” Jacob asked incredulously. “Jake chill she hasn’t lived in Calum since she was little,” Flynn said defending her. Carrie continued to stare wide eyed. “Annabel hes the freaking prince.” Carrie said a little to loudly Annabel felt the color drain from her face. She couldn’t breathe. Flynn’s eyes never left her. “I think I'm gonna be sick,” Annabel said as she ran from the room.
                When she got to the bathroom she threw up everything he had eaten that night.  Annabel started to shake. She had just told him her life story. What if he found out she thought. She  felt another wave of nausea wash over her body. She should call Roddick right away. Annabel realized that Carrie had her cell phone.  Annabel started to shake. Her vision was blurry and her hands were numb. A knock on the door inturrputed her panic  attack. “Annabel are you alright?” it was Carrie’s voice. Annabel tried to formulate a response but her words caught in her throat. “Annabel open the damn door.” Carrie continued to pound on the door. Before Annabel could reach the knob, the bathroom door swung open. When Carrie saw Annabel she froze. “Girl you look like shit.” Carrie smiled at Annabel sympathetically. and sat down next to her on the bathroom floor.  “you need to get me out of here,” Annabel pleaded. She new her eyes showed her desperation and fear. Carrie just nodded and said, “okay but as soon as we are home, youre telling what the hell is going on.” Carrie help Annabel off the bathroom floor and slowly helped her stand. They made their way through the house gaining sevral inquiring stares from partiers. They  were almost to the door when Annabel her someone shout her name, “Annabel wait!” Anna immediately tensed recognizing the voice.
 Flynn pushed his way through the crowd trying to stop Annabel from leaving. The moment she found out who he was Flynn could see the horror in eyes. For some reason him being a prince made her physically ill. Flynn probably should let her go but he couldn’t. Something inside him said that if he didn’t follow her tonight he would probably never see her again.  He finally caught them just as they mad it to the door. “Please Annabel don’t go.” she looked up at him and Flynn stopped. Her face was pale and her eyes were bloodshot but she was still gorgeous. The fear in her eyes softened as she looked at him. She shook her head and said, “Flynn I can’t be here. This can’t happen.” And with that cryptic explanation Carrie dragged her out the door. For the rest of the night Flynn couldn’t figure out why Annabel left. He called Hank and told him to follow the girls home to make sure they made it safely. He’d only met her briefly but he felt strangely protective of Annabel. The moment they started talking Flynn liked her. She was independent and more comfortable with herself than most girls he knew. But now Flynn just assumed it was because she never knew who he was. He suspected it at first but was still completely thrilled and shocked to realize that she had no clue who he was. She had no preconceived notion about him. But then again she did get violently ill when she found out but he was hoping it was just a coincidental case of the flu because he already liked her way too much to lose her. Flynn shook his head and headed back to the kitchen for another beer.
my self diagnosed OCD is kicking in as i already see changes and tweaks i want to make but that will have to wait because i have a shit load of homework! hopefully i will find time to post the next chapter soon.

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untitled #1

An idea came to me during school so during my lunch hour I ran to the library to get the first of this down. Bear with me its a little rough but I hope you get the idea!
Hundreds of years ago two men found themselves on the shores of an unknown land. The country was surrounded by crystal turquoise waters and had lush rolling green hills for miles. The men were in awe with what they had found. They decided to build there homes there. The named their new found land Calum. Both men wanted to be king of this new land. Unable to come to an agreement the decided their first born children would each inherit the throne. The first man James Winscott’s wife gave birth to a young girl. The other man Edward Thorpe’s wife gave birth to a son the next month. Both men expected the two to marry and rule this new kingdom. But when the two children grew up they refused to marry. Each ended up married to another. The Winscott’s birthed another girl and the Thorpe’s another boy. For years this continued. Some called it a curse while other called it magic. But know one new why the pattern continued. Yet the two heirs to the throne never married. Eventually it was stated that since the Winscott bloodline always produced a girl heir first and the Thorpe’s a boy that they would be king and queen of Calum. This worked well for nearly two hundred years. However, 45 years ago the Winscott and Thorpe families both gave birth to sons. William Winscott and Reginald Thorpe grew up best of friends. They knew one day they would rule a country together. All was well until William and Reginald returned from university. William had fallen in love with a girl named Olivia. Reginald became furious because he too loved Olivia. When William and Olivia married, Reginald grew even bitterer. It was then he made up his mind. He would be king alone.
                Over the next several years Reginald and William struggled to rule Calum together. With strong tensions it was decided that the next born heir from either family would solely inherit the throne. Reginald immediately young woman named Claudia and made it his mission to have a child first. Much to his dismay William and Olivia announced several months after Reginald’s wedding that they were expecting their first child. The country couldn’t be happier for them and soon Reginald and Claudia were virtually ignored. Reginald grew furious. He had to do something. The night after the impending birth was announced; Reginald left the castle in the middle of the night. He traveled out into the forest where he met with a man only known by the name of  Tancher. Reginald made a deal with Tancher. After the birth of the first child, Tancher would attack the castle and kill William, Olivia and their newborn child. Reginald returned to the castle and happily discovered that his wife was too expecting a child. 
                Seven and a half months later William and Olivia  welcomed into the world a healthy baby girl. Three weeks later Reginald and Claudia birthed a strong baby boy.  A week after that Tancher attacked the castle and killed William and Olivia. But when Tancher approached the bassenet in the Winscotts bedroom the bab girl was gone.

                Annabel stood at the gates of Calum university. She took a deep breath knowing for the first time in her life she was on her own. No more hiding, or moving. For the next four years she would be in one spot surrounded my normal kids her age. She smiled and pulled her duffle bag over her shoulder. Calum university was breathtaking. Lush green grass blanketed the fields between the large stone buildings covered in ornate carvings. On the south end near her dorm was a large blue lake that sparkled in the twilight sun. Willow trees drooped on the shores and swayed in the wind. Annabel could see herself fitting in here. She found the building with the words Olivia Hall carved above the door. She smiled at her mother’s name. Of course no one knew it was her mother but she was comfortable with the secret. Annabel pulled the heavy wooden door open and looked down the corridor.  Unlike the outside of the building the inside was sleek and modern. The walls of the hall were painted a light grey and bright florescent lights light it up. Girls were laughing and hugging. Furniture was being lugged from room to room and introductions were being made here and there. Annabel made her way down the hall scanning the white boards on the doors for her name. She made it down to the last room and saw Annabel and Carrie scribble in bubbly letters on the door.  Annabel tried the door. It swung right open. One half of the room was already set up. There was a computer sitting on the desk and a neon pink comforter on the bed. Several other pink pillows adorned the bed. Pictures of smiling girls were hung up on the bulletin board behind the desk. Annabel assumed that the petite blonde girl who appeared the most was Carrie. Annabel smiled. This would be her first chance to make an actual friend. Annabel set down her duffel and started to unpack. Her mind started to think back on the last few years.
                Ever since she could remember Annabel only had one person her life. Roddick had been her mother and father over the years. He was the one entrusted with keeping her safe. When her parents learned the Reginald was planning on killing them, they sent her off with Roddick, her father’s entrusted advisor and friend for safe keeping. They planned on her staying with him until Reginald had been dealt with but they were  killed leaving Annabel and Roddick alone and on the run. For years Reginald searched for them relentlessly. Roddick and Annabel rarely stayed in one place for more than a year, constantly moving. All her life Roddick rarely let Annabel go anywhere alone afraid someone would notice any resemblance she held to her mother or father.  Annabel had her mother’s piercing green eyes that had once been called the jewels of Calum. Her hair was the same deep auburn shade as her father’s. As she got older though, people seemed to forget their long lost princess. Reginald made it even easier for them last year when he reported that new DNA testing proved that Calum’s princess had been killed the same night as her beloved princess. When Annabel asked Roddick about this he said that he Reginald wanted the people to forget their princess and focus on his son who was to become king after he finished school. Annabel thought that Reginald probably just assumed that she wouldn’t come forward if she hadn’t by now. No matter what the motive Annabel was grateful for this announcement, it meant that she could be free. With a little begging and persuading of Roddick Annabel convinced him to let her go to university. And now here she was.
                Annabel’s thoughts were interrupted by a girls voice, “oh my god you must be Annabel. I'm Carrie you roommate.” Carrie flung her arms around Annabel before she could respond. Carrie was short blonde and bubbly, the exact opposite of Annabel. “nice to meet you.” Annabel smiled back. Carrie insisted on helping Annabel unpack. While they set up Annabel’s side of the room Carrie and Annabel talked, well, mainly Carrie talked and Annabel listened which was fine by her since she couldn’t exactly tell Carrie her life story. However, Carrie had no problem giving Annabel a play by play of her entire life. Annabel couldn’t help but smile at how normal Carrie’s entire life sounded. Carrie was exactly what Annabel needed. She needed a whole lot of normal. By the time they finished unpacking it was already getting dark out. Annabel wasn't tired though she turned to Carrie, “so what do you wanna do tonight.” Carrie smiled like she had a secret, “well I don’t know if you’re too tired but…” she dragged off midsentence waiting for Annabel to interject. “oh I'm not. I don’t think I could sleep if I even tried.” Carrie’s smile grew. “Great cause we are going to a party.”
I will probably end up editting this much more because Im an anal perfectionist but i hope you like it so far.
Im almost done with a few more chapters.